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I like to experiment with unusual and unconventional materials, not traditionally used in jewellery making. I work a lot with linoleum , a material originally used for flooring; I love its touch, its smell and its history! As opposed to vinyl, it is a natural material from line seeds (flax seeds). I also work with raw brass, aluminium and raw silk. The manipulation of the simplest of materials can make for a beautiful piece, and that’s my challenge. The un-precious materials become precious through thinking, composing and handcrafting.

Stay on board for more colours, textures, smells and beautiful things!


I am Greek, born and raised in Athens where I obtained my diploma in architectural engineering. After my studies I moved to London and worked at Foster + Partners as an architect for 5 years, after which I moved to Vienna and worked for Coop Himmelblau. I started Jagged Squares in 2019 during my maternity leave with my second son, as a way to fulfil my creative drive. 

My studio is still one desk in our 90 sqm flat in the center of Vienna but it silently and slowly takes over more corners of our home. Behind curtains you will find a laser cutter, behind open doors material samples and fabric rolls. My drawers are full of sketches, all waiting to become. I take all the pictures myself, using my hands and face as background. Always in love with technical challenges, I made on my own, with loads of googling, trial and error and tiptoeing around coding, so please forgive any mishaps. I finish all pieces by hand, I love the imperfect-ness created by humans.  Working with my hands is very meditating – touching and feeling, shaping, sanding and polishing every individual piece and making it unique! I find it amazing, an object that has been so much loved and worked by me to be worn by you at another part of the world!

I hope my work will inspire you as much as it inspires me! 

Danae – maker of things, member of Precious Collective